Adam Sewell was played and portrayed by William Peltz. He played a seemingly confident 18-19 year old, who seemingly was into drugs and girls.

Sins committed by AdamEdit

  • Slept with Blaire behind Mitch's back twice.
  • Attempted to trade Jess's life for his own.
  • Date-raped a girl named Ashley Dane and forced her to get an abortion after discovering she was pregnant.
  • He gave Laura the drugs at the party.


Adam was a rather confident and somewhat cocky young man who seemed to enjoy teasing others but on a friendly level at times. His family appears to be rather wealthy, as his father keeps a gun in a safe box and his father almost disowned him for getting arrested for selling drugs.

Despite being under 21, Adam was an alcoholic, as he regularly was seen drinking throughout the movie out of frustration and fear of death.

Throughout the movie shows Adam being the most cruel, apathetic and deceitful (aside from Blaire) amongst the group. As when forced to play the game "never have I ever" shows his untrustworthy and apathetic nature. As Laura reveals secrets his friends did against him (such as Jess stealing $800 from him and his best friend Mitch selling him out to the cops for selling drugs) causes Adam to begin to turn on his friends out of spite and anger. His selfishness reaches a low turn after its revealed he was willing to trade Jess's life for his own and even let Blaire take the fall for his actions. The fact he was willing to let Blaire take the blame for his selfishness shows how truly heartless he is.

By the time his friends all turn on him, Adam, no longer caring what happens, decides to get back at all of them and gleefully reveal that he slept with Blaire twice behind Mitch's back while showing no remorse for his actions and even enjoying their suffering. Adam's cruelty is further demonstrated when its revealed that he drugged a girl named Ashley Dane, had sex with her and forced her to get an abortion.

The fact he actually raped a girl and forced her to get an abortion shows Adam to be the lowest and most awful character amongst the group and even trying to make excuses for him sleeping with Blaire behind Mitch's back. The fact that he took pictures and taped him having sex with Blaire also shows Adam to be rather perverted and somewhat obsessive with sex.

Aside from Blaire, Adam was the most irrational. After Ken was killed, Adam then started to act erratically and terrified while waving around his gun but when the lights in his house were turned off he panicked. His selfish was further shown of his willingness to trade Jess's life for his own despite saying he was also doing it for Blaire and Mitch. The fact he was willing to trade someone else's life for his own shows a high level of abhorrence and disloyalty amongst the friends.

However, he did show unwillingness to reveal the note that would make Blaire kill herself, proving that he still cared for her, and that he was not completely focused saving his own life.

Ironically, given his affair with Blaire behind Mitch's back, who is no better than Adam, it can be considered fitting that those two would attempt to hook up given they are very similar in disloyalty and cowardness.


His affair with Blaire Lily (Shelley Hennig) caused tension, and began to tear the people's friendships (and relationships) apart. He was also creating some of the rounds of the dangerous game 'never have I ever'. For example; He spread the news about the affair.

His death was caused by a note printed out from his and blaire's home printer. For blaire: "if you reveal this note, Adam will die.' and as for Adam: 'If you reveal this note, blaire will die.'

Blaire reluctantly showed everyone the note, over the stressed implied by Mitch after hearing about the affair. Mitch stated if he wasn't shown the note he would hang up, which would mean Laura (bille227) would kill him, and naturally Blaire favored Mitch's life over Adams. After the note was shown, Adam reluctantly pulled the gun he had in his hand up to his head, screaming. The trigger was pulled and Adam was killed, supposedly by Laura's ghost. his death was supposed to be him going outside in the road getting hit by a car. It is possible that Adam got such a "clean" and quick death due to the fact that he wasn't really involved in Laura's suicide, and also that he technically helped her keep the game going.

When the question "Never have I ever had sex" came up in the game, Adam put down one finger. Apart from the fact that he had slept with Blaire and a girl from their school named Ashley, what was not known yet, he apparantly have had sex, what is no surprise due to his outward appearance and self- confidence.

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