Jessica "Jess" Felton is one of the six main characters in the movie Unfriended.

She is portrayed by Renee Olsteads.

Personality Edit

Jess is a rather vain girl who appears to care a lot about her good looks. Throughout the movie she's seen either playing with her hair or working on her nails.

Jess is also not very trustworthy, as she previously spread a rumor around school about Blaire having an eating disorder while trying to justify her actions stating there was "some truth" to her words. Instead of apologizing for the rumor, she attempted to make excuses and pin the blame on Val. Jess also appears to be greedy, as she stole $800 dollars from Adam at some point and again, refused to apologize. Instead she justified her actions, stating "he has enough money already".

Jess is very foul-mouthed when provoked; this is shown when she threatens to beat up Val after she insults her, and again when learning that Blaire crashed her mother's car while drunk and pinned the blame on her. In contrast she acts very cowardly when in frightening situations, often crying or panicking when Laura threatens her or her friends.

As noted by Adam and Val, Jess appears to be somewhat promiscuous. This is suggested when Adam mocked her during the game for this, saying Jess would have to put down 50 fingers for the amount of times she has had sex.

Her roleEdit

Jess Felton is blamed by Val Rommel for posting embarrassing pictures of her on Facebook, when it was originally Laura who was doing it. This incident sparks a fight between the two. Later on inthe film, it is revealed that Jess was the one responsible for the rumor about Blaire, stating she had an eating disorder. It is also later revealed that Jess stole $800 from Adam and that she defaced Laura's grave. Eventually Jess's feed gets cut off, and when it resumes she is shown choking to death on her blistering-hot curling iron.


  • Her original death was changed before the final movie. Her original death involved Laura taking remote control of Blaire's laptop and forcibly shoving her through panel glass on her Facebook page. As she fell down the page, several photos would slice her legs and arms open, and Laura would finally use an image of a hacksaw to cut off her dangling arm. These events were actually happening in real life while this "animation" played.

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