Unfriended: Dark Web is the upcoming sequel to the 2015 horror film, Unfriended. It premiered at the South By Southwest Film Festival in March 2018. The film is to be released on July 20, 2018 in the US. The film stars Andrew Lees, Betty Gabriel, Bryan Adrian, Colin Woodell, Connor Del Rio, Douglas Tait, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Savira Windyani, and Stephanie Nogueras.

The film has received a 67% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 9 reviews, with an average rating of 6/10; an even higher grade than its predecessor. On Metacritic, the film has a weighted average score of 63 out of 100, slightly more than predecessor, based on 4 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews".


The plot presumably takes place sometime after Unfriended. Similarly to the first film, the film is mostly seen in the perspective of a MacBook screen. Programmer Matis (played by Colin Woodell) has recently obtained a laptop from a lost and found, so he can build real-time ASL translation software faster in order to help him communicate with his estranged, deaf girlfriend Amaya (played by Stephanie Nogueras). The film begins with him trying to login into a computer. He manages to login, and apps such as Facebook, Skype, Spotify, and several others suddenly open. He encounters the login screen of Norah C. IV. He erases it, and enters his own information in.

Curiosity, however, takes the better of him, and he takes a peak into Norah's Facebook account. He is immediately hit with a flurry of women messaging him. However, one user stands out, and the user is demanding to know who is using the computer. The mysterious user becomes increasingly violent and threatening. While being messaged by this strange user, Matis is trying to fix things up with Amaya.

Things begin getting very weird, however, after Matias logs into a Skype session with his friends - tech-savvy Brit Damon (played by Andrew Lees); conspiracy theorist AJ (played by Connor Del Rio); Nori (played by Betty Gabriel), Serena (played by Rebecca Rittenhouse) and musician Lexx (played by Savira Windyani). During a game of Cards Against Humanity, Matis ends up stumbling upon a Dark Web portal, named "The River". He also stumbles upon a cache of hidden files, which alternate between candid footage from people's homes to snuff films of young women. The snuff films are extremely disturbing, with movies of girls dying of thirst, sitting in a bucket of corrosive acid, and being killed with blunt force. He finds strange chat messages which suggest that someone is paying money for these murder videos. Questions begin to arise on who exactly Matis got his laptop from and who it belongs to.

The situation becomes increasingly more dire as menacing forces begin taking control. Matias is told to keep his friends in the call or they will be murdered. Matis desperately tries to take control of the situation. [1] [2] [3] Lexx is killed when the laptop owner's accomplices track her down and force her to the roof of her building where she is pushed off to her death. The situation gets worse when the dark web enforcers track down each of Matis' friends as well as killing Serena's mom by unplugging her life support in the hospital.


In April 2015, it was announced that Universal Pictures had greenlit a sequel, tentatively titled Unfriended 2. In October 4, 2017, several outlets began spreading that the sequel had been shot secretly, and that a test screening of the film had been held the night before to extremely positive responses by test screeners. This was all confirmed a couple days later by Blumhouse, who revealed the working title to be Unfriended: Game Night, as well as unveiling the official plot synopsis and full cast, the title was later changed to "Unfriended: Dark Web".


Unfriended: Dark Web is to be released by Blumhouse Tilt and OTL Releasing in the United States on July 20, 2018. The film premiered at the South By Southwest Film Festival in March 2018.


  • The film's subtitle refers to the "dark web", a section of the internet that is not indexed by web search engines, which is commonly believed to hold access to illegal content, such as drugs, firearms, hacking, hitmen, red rooms, kidnappers, illegal pornography, and more.